Something I wrote a couple months ago, when I was planning on restarting this blog but didn't quite have the time or technology to do so. It's a bit short because I wrote it pretty soon after. (and had very limited technology with me).

Today I had a meltdown in an airport in a foreign city. It was an early flight so I hadn't really slept, I had been around people for days and they insisted I needed to repack my bag when it actually fit. And they pulled us out of the line so we ended up in the way back. And I yelled and jumped and started sobbing. And I stopped the yelling and such as soon as I could because airports are Places  You Must Behave In even if you are struggling. But they are also places that are hard to hide in (or take breaks) because there is often a time limit. So I cried for the whole line and the flight but kept together as much as I could because if you collapse on the ground crying, your friends might decide the many week Europe trip with you was a Bad Idea. And then maybe they will stop being your friends. Because Normal People should behave in airports and just repack their bags to fit (even if they already fit!).


I don't recommend flying on Ryanair for a stress-free experience. But this one was definitely the worst of all of them. But Ryanair was still ridiculously cheaper than any other option, including trains, so we ended up using it a lot. There were some benefits, as our bags were so tiny and light, they were not very difficult to carry. 

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