What I did today

This is what I made today (with some help--my sister did the letters). It is lovely and we are very proud of it. (And I know it doesn't have the full inscription on it, but we ran out of room, sadly. We are not expert cake-writing-estimators.) And also everyone likes cake. (Or at least I generally do.)

One cake to rule them all. One cake to bind them. One cake to feed them all, and in the darkness bind them.

(It's a yellow bundt cake on a blue plate sitting on a wooden table. The cake has the beginning of the inscription from the Ring of Power on it).

A close up of the Ring (Cake) of Power.

My sister's hand making the inscription (she's holding a plastic piping bag) with dark Elvish letters on a yellow bundt cake.

I'm still working on making these descriptions flow well with the writing, so if you have any comments, please let me know! (Trying to make it more accessible without being awkward, like described here. I haven't quite succeeded yet, I think.)

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