Adventures in Apartment Living: The Move-in Edition

So, I have successfully packed my life in suitcases and flown across the country.

I managed to move into my apartment, get my ID card, and figure out how to park*. All in one day. And barely even any meltdowns! (No complete ones! Just a little bit of yelling but then I got a break and a snack and it all got better).

But my mom came and moved with me, so I just have to worry about the things that only I have to do (like sign things). And I have someone to direct me and make sure I eat and make sure the days work out and there is a normal schedule and help me settle into a routine.

And that is good. Because I don't like change. So it helps to have someone directing everything while I adjust to the EVERYTHING ALL NEW ALL THE TIME.

And then we went to obtain furniture.

Which is how I lost my car keys and my apartment keys in an Ikea. Ikeas are very large stores. It takes a long time to run trace your steps through them, especially when you got lost initially the first time going through them, so you have to figure out how to get lost again in them. But eventually we found everything, then a kind stranger helped us load everything into the car (because Wilfred aka my car is small and hard to fit a bookcase in).

And there were giant thunder and lightning storms! (On the Ikea day.) But I like lightning because it is pretty and it shows up here in bolts and we don't really get lightning back at home. (But I do have to remember about the rain in summer bit, because getting soaked is not always fun.)

And we explored the city I'm living in and met up with my boyfriend for dinner one day after work, and I didn't even meltdown once, even though he was later than he had planned on being initially because of work stuff and so there was a CHANGE in schedule.

And I get to set up organization schemes! I love setting up organization schemes! (I don't do a very good job of KEEPING to them, but I love creating them.

This is what I have so far (see lovely pictures.) Dressers and hangers and clothes and stuff. My laundry basket is visible all the time so I remember to put in dirty clothes there instead of on the floor. My desk is still sort of messy... but it has BOOKS! The vegetable drawer/crisper in the fridge is not see through, so I have notes on the whiteboard telling me what is in there, so hopefully I will remember and eat them. I need to come up with a good place to keep my keys so I don't lose them in the apartment. My roommate and I need to discuss a chore schedule.

And my new apartment is lovely and I finally have ALL MY BOOKS with me. And my room has a lovely south facing window with a patch of sun that I can curl up in and pretend I'm a cat (I gave you a picture of this too!). And I also included a picture of my bookcase, because it was very traumatic to obtain it, and also you can see my two new houseplants. They need names. My current plant (not pictured) is named Nemo.

And now I've dropped my mom off at the airport and am settled in LIKE A REAL OFFICIAL ADULT and have no real errands to run or anything until orientation starts Monday and I should probably go eat lunch because I'm several hours late to do that and no one will remind me anymore.

(Time to go be an adult!)

*Parking is my worst nightmare. Paying for parking is something I find incredibly stressful. It requires money, which requires consulting budgeting. And my budgeting skills are horrible, because I don't think in quantities of money besides small (under $5) expensive but probably ok (up to $20) and really ridiculously expensive (anything over $20). So paying rent--scary. Big numbers. (And I like MATH!)

And choosing a parking spot is always stressful. Sometimes people honk at you. You have to use spatial reasoning to fit. I hate spatial reasoning.

And then often parking is in parking garages. Parking garages are one of the scariest places in the world. They are dark. They are poorly lit. They have low ceilings and weird sounds. They are confusing and full of lots and lots of things that look the same. They have people in them. They have noises. Also on tv, people always get murdered or kidnapped in them. So I don't trust them.

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