So, I've been raised Catholic. (And I know the church has issues and there are things it does I don't agree with all the time, but this isn't about that, so I'm not talking about that here. Because that is a different thing SLASH not the point of this article) 

But anyway, there are nice things about Catholicism and my brain.

I love going to Mass on Sunday. It's part of my weekly routine. It would always restart the weeks during summer when days would otherwise blend into one. It's part of the schedule that's always there. It's part of how I was raised. I am definitely culturally Catholic.

Also, Catholicism is full of repeats, word for word rituals. (Especially Mass!) It is extremely easy to follow along (same words all the time). It's a script! I love scripts. 

Repeated words and actions. And everyone else is doing it.  And you are taught specifically what to do at each point (and WHY!) It's delightful. (No guesswork or uncertainty. You know just as much as everyone else!)

It's a lovely way to feel like you fit in. Which is the second point.

Freshman year of college, before I made friends (which was late), sometimes mass would be the only times I made actual contact with people. So mass was an opportunity for me to get actual physical contact (brief hugs!) with other people.*

Because sometimes you need to feel like you belong, and sometimes you need things that remind you of home, and sometimes it's nice to know as much about what is going on as everyone else.

*I am used to semi-regular physical contact with people. I like short hugs. At home, we sit on each other a lot. I like physical contact. I like how humans feel warm. (So do animals. I love snuggling animals). 

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