Coming soon...Adventures in Apartment Living!

Hello world!

I am starting graduate school. I am moving to a city 2000 miles from home. I am living in an apartment with a roommate. There will be no "responsible adult" like an RA or a rector in charge of the building where I live because *gasp* I am apparently now a responsible adult.

(Yes, this is sort of scary. Yes, I did once have a full meltdown in a Walmart on spring break when I realized that the trip we were on was entirely planned by my friends and I and if something went wrong, WE would have to fix it because there weren't any parents there or other adults who could swoop in with the answer. So...)

Also, you know, me and transitions... not always best friends.

So yes, this will be interesting.

Also, I probably will not be posting nearly as much as I have been since the re-start of this blog, when I've been mostly home with essentially endless free time.

So wish me luck and get excited to hear all about some new adventures and new people (but probably not new places, because where I am is a secret. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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