Trouble at the Library!

A rant!

The library is a wonderful place. One of my favorite places. It has my favorite books. It has my stories. It has chairs for reading in. It is safe. Even with the people and the voices, it is safe. And now there are no book limits (although those might have been made by my parents, on further notice) and there are self-checkout machines, so really, even the people are mostly avoidable.



And it wasn't just adding more comfy chairs. NO! They MOVED THE BOOKS. (And added no comfy chairs.) They split my books off. They made a "young adult" section and moved half of my books upstairs, to the nonfiction part! (Not that I don't mind the non-fiction. They have James Herriot there. And also books full of facts and science and history and all sorts of fun things. But upstairs is for non-fiction and reference. Downstairs is for fiction. The "normal AKA adult" fiction is downstairs. So is the children's section fiction.)

And the way they divided up the sections is completely nonsensical. Some authors have books in both the young adults section and the junior young adults section (which is part of the children's section). (And even the children's section is divided up into more details than it should).

And now my favorite stories are scattered. Upstairs, downstairs. Some of them are missing. They can't be found.

On my visit to the library, I went up and down and up and down. I got books from the young adults section, the junior young adults section and the upper elementary section. (I also do read grown-up books sometimes. And even enjoy them. But I was home and wanted to reread all my favorites. At school, all the books are adult books. Who knows if the libraries in the city I'm going to grad school in will have these books?) These books all used to be right next to each other. Within maybe 10 or 20 feet. A couple of shelves. All of my books were home.

Even the books that didn't get reassigned aren't in the same spots. They reorganized the whole set. (The JYA section is where the books on tape belong!)

I never learned the titles or authors of half my favorite library books. I just knew where they were and what the cover looked like. I want to read my book about Robin Hood on the bottom shelf in the middle of the farthest back alcove. I want to read the books about goblins two shelves from the top.


(And my wonderful, relaxing trip to the library became a lot less awesome.)

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