Adventures in Apartment Living: The Food Edition

TW: I am discussing my eating habits and food habits and irregularities with them.


So, I have found some nice things about living in an apartment in a city. There are a lot of places with food nearby.  Delicious food.
And a lot of them will deliver.
And there is an app called Grub Hub.
Which means you don't even need to TALK to people to order food. Or leave your apartment.
This seems like to me the best idea ever.
Although potentially financially dangerous.


I'm also a grad student, so while I'm definitely still financially solid (assuming I keep track of my finances, which... may happen. Boyfriend is helping me make a budget soon. Because large numbers stress me out, as much as I love math. [But he is an accountant, so what I think of as "big numbers" are probably itsy bitsy ones compared to what he works with normally.] My current method is to avoid buying everything, which probably isn't too sustainable.), I probably should cook my own meals and stuff fairly regularly.

Also, I like the food I cook.
Also, I basically ONLY like vegetables IF I make them.
Also, I like cooking.
So cooking really shouldn't be a problem...


I used to be fine with grocery stores. I think I am still fine with the actual STORE part. Getting to the store though... that is tricky. (It shouldn't be. I have a car. I can DRIVE. And I don't mind driving.) Finding a time to go to the store is tricky. Getting in the car is tricky. Planning is tricky. I don't have a set schedule with a set meal-planning time and a set store-time.


It's strange that it is so difficult, because I used to have such an efficient method down. But I think part of the reason it worked so well was because I was team-cooking. My roommate and I planned all the things together. (That summer, we didn't really have any other friends staying around school.) Now, planning meals is trickier. Really, it just hasn't happened. And I'm a lot more tired when I get home. I just want to sleep.


We don't have a dishwasher though. That makes me want to cook less. Because I do not like washing dirty dishes. Sponges are the worst. (Although I solved that dilemma by wearing gloves, so then my hands don't have to touch the sponge). And actually this is a silly idea because if I cook, my roommate will do dishes.


Future goals:

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