Facial expressions

I am horrible at consciously controlling my facial expressions.

Is this an autistic thing?

There are exactly two faces I can consciously make.

One is a smile. I've had a lot of practice. My mom made me practice in a mirror. I can pretty reliably manage a passable smile at any given point.

The other is sort of a "Mckayla is not impressed" face (see below for reference, if you are unaware) except with one eyebrow raised.* It is a good one. It usually wins in the silly face making contest. I am not exactly sure what it conveys to people, but I generally use it when people say things that sound stupid/odd/confusing. Or to win staring contests.

But other than this, I can't really control my face. 

If I try to glare at someone (without actually being mad at them), or try to make a sad face, or try to make any other face, it generally just turns into a confused face. 

Now, I apparently have an amazingly expressive face, and people can read things from it all the time with great ease. I just can't really control these expressions.

*Raising one eyebrow: another thing I practiced a lot. Although I can only raise my left eyebrow independently. For some reason, I can't raise just my right eyebrow.

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