Poetry part 2

Remember when I showed you poetry? Well, here's another poem I wrote that has shades of autism in it. It's much less straightfoward... (I think I wrote this while pretending to study for an evolution exam. But I'm not 100% positive. It's probably not all that relevant, either.)


eggshell speckles
broken shells held together by membranes crumbling
and the amniotic shell
evolutionary advance
invasion of land by the tetrapods
factory smokestacks spilling dark clouds of black that sinks down over the world like a blanket
or a chloroform-soaked rag
smothering the innocent
by a malevolent hand

see how easily my train of thought is derailed
by something as simple as word associations
or a penny, left on the track, for some reason I never understood

and I know that I don’t understand
how my mind works
or how any mind works

            Especially how other minds work

            I can find the connections and follow some strings
            connect some puzzle pieces
            find patterns at least
            correlation not causation only
            only with me

Because other people are:
            different (not from each other but from me)


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