My panic chart

So the reason I wrote this was because I have a panic flowchart taped to the inside of my closet door.  (My roommate saw it and was being stupid about it.) It is big and beautiful (and now it is a lot more complete, because boyfriend helped me come up with a lot more things to add to it).

I haven't actually panicked yet since I've had it completed (which is a GOOD thing, but hopefully I will find it helpful then). It even has steps for how to do things (because, for example, sometimes I know I am tired and need to go to sleep and can't figure out how to. So it tells me.) The only problem is that it is a really giant piece of paper (it came in a box wrapped up around something) so it isn't the most portable coping device. But I have a picture, and also now that I have the steps, I can memorize them.

Anyway, I'm super proud of it, so I am going to share it for everyone here.

this is a panic flowchart. It has all the things I am supposed to do when I panic. In a flowchart so that I can understand it.

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