Auditory Overload

I wrote some more poems. Because when my brain stops working because of various overloads and sounds and sights and everything, it's hard to explain it. Words in normal forms don't work. In poems, you can twist them around until they sound and look much more like experiences.

So here's another one. 

(Also old but I like to use this as more filler-like-stuff because I don't like when things are blank for a super-long time, but I've been busy with finals and being a person and doing adult-things-like-grocery-shopping so I haven't thought as much deep insightful thoughts. More SCIENCE SCIENCE SCIENCE thoughts. Which is also good. But not for here so much.)

Auditory overload.


and there was a singing coming from the doorway around to
outside under a stone arch where ivy grew
down from cracks formed filled by roots and then a cacophony of frogs and birds competing for volume and
WOULDN’T                               STOP                                SINGING
and we tried and we tried and we tried and we cried
and the stone cold
                        stone squares
                                    stone tile floor                                                                         was also gray and
the birds and the frogs in a hidden creek
pipe outlet and
IT                         STILL                                WOULDN’T                            STOP 
around the corner behind the broken cracked stone carved arch
same color as stone carved angels and
the sky was gray and
stormcolored and
cloudcolored and
dramatic and
trumpetsringinglastbattlecloudcolored and
sad and
the ivy was green in the gray world and the frogs and birds still competed in cacophony while the gray drew to black and the crickets joined in and
IT            STILL        WOULDN’T             STOP

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