Productive Weekends

Well, this is something that I meant to publish awhile ago (like I was supposed to publish it around the same time as this other thing about weekends in October) but it just got lost in my drafts file. It's pretty similar, still, though, although it isn't a weekend right now. But it is spare time because I am DONE WITH FINALS and mostly done with this semester so really I just have a break and I think it is ok. And it's tricky because I think I should be doing things, since I have dishes to wash and things to clean up and boxes and such. So I think this is still relevant.

It is ok to be non-productive on weekends.

Or whatever this idea of "productive" is, anyway. Especially since my idea of productive is not a very useful one to apply to an apartment. I am still under the impression that for it to be a productive weekend, I need to do some sort of yardwork.

(I'm not sure how 4 years of dorm-living didn't get this idea out of my head.)

But I have this lingering idea at the end of every weekend that I was so unproductive because I didn't rake out the goat pen or sweep the driveway or any of the million projects that we got assigned to on weekends at home. Which is quite CLEARLY ridiculous as those things would really just be impossible to do here anyway.

I do watch a lot of tv on weekends. Which feels rebellious, still. Because we were not allowed to watch tv during the day. We usually watched a movie on Friday nights and Saturday nights as a family. But weeknights were for reading and homework and playing and projects and chores. And weekend days were for the same sort of things.

So now, I spend my weekends largely watching tv and sleeping. I usually wash my dishes once.  Boyfriend usually comes over and we hang out.

I've almost gotten past the point of adjusting where I can do things I enjoy again because of not being adjusted. (I still don't bake much, though, but that's more because my kitchen is lonely and small. I am going to find a nice kitchen in the apartment I move into next year. More importantly, in the pet-friendly apartment I move into next year.)

I want to be able to do this but also maybe one or two times a month hang out with grad school peeps. Because I like them and that sounds awesome.

But what I really want now is a cheeseburger so I think I am going to go buy one BECAUSE I CAN.

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