Life is overwhelming right now

Fidgety flappy
rocking shaking
knocking my knees
pressing my head against the desk

wanting to slam it
but that's not allowed
so I bounce back against my chair
or press my head against the wall

I do not like busy season
I miss boyfriend

Life is overwhelming right now

Stiff and stimmy
I walk and tiptoe more when I am worried or stressed
I like this video also
it is nice
if you haven't seen it you should watch it

I like the stiff and stimmy phrase
it sticks in my mind
as I tiptoe through my apartment

Tonight I will sit back
and rock back and forth in my chair
and watch Netflix

and let myself look at apartment floorplans
and organized bookshelves
and information about rabbits
and the best ways to build cages
and ways about housetraining

Life is overwhelming right now

For no particular reason

I went to lab and dropped my samples
so that probably added to it
but half of them were ok still

I got a haircut and it is short short shorter than before
and so that is change
and not playable-with

There's snow on the ground
all around
and I will have to drive soon

and I am inexplicably overwhelmed for no particular reason

And I've been wanting to post and put things up
and write lovely insightful ideas
and let people know I am still here
and show I still fit in

but I haven't had much anything
particularly insightful
or related
or topics
or whatnot
to say

Or even been really able to write in sentences
let alone paragraphs
Punctuation, capitalization, all those niceties required

so here is a message to say that I'm slightly overwhelmed
but I'm still here


that is where I have been

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