An update on my life... Time machines and closets and ramblings such as that

This week was not great. A lot of things went wrong or were confusing or were just difficult to handle. I spent a lot of time just surviving. But... when I look back at the actual events that happened, it is hard to deny how ridiculous some of them were. (So if you are amused by them, that is good because some of them are just plain amusing.)


On Thursday night, I realized my presentation for class on Monday was actually a presentation for class on Friday. So that was no fun. But I eventually worked out that presentation and presented a paper on the evolution of yeast mating lifecycles (exhilarating, I know... ). But because I wasn't as prepared as I had planned on being, I had a tendency to babble and word vomit during the presentation.

Which is how I ended up talking about time machines.

And how if time machines were invented, going back to look at the history of the evolution of yeast mating genetics might not be high on the priority list. Which led to my professor asking me why... Which was not a question I was prepared to answer, so I told him that while admittedly I probably would not be the person deciding the time machine priority list, it certainly wouldn't be high on my list. Because yeast...

Also because dinosaurs! (Although actually that sounds dangerous, but if someone else is doing the traveling, I'd be all for it. Although I would also be concerned about disease contamination, especially viral and microbial diseases and affecting the levels of resistance in different populations, so I think that is another issue that might come up with time travel, because you wouldn't want to introduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria right around when antibiotics are just starting to be used, because that would be just awful. And then there are new diseases, and probably old ones that have been selected against, or have varied enough that we wouldn't have a very strong/effective immune response against, so we would have to have a really intense sterilization process both directions. I think the best solution actually might be some sort of virtual time machine, where you don't actually physically travel, but just sort of are able to observe the past. It would also help with all the interference possibilities. )

Anyway, time machine tangents are easy to get on, and that definitely happened.

I also really need to stop giving my 100% blunt honest opinions on papers to professors. Because once I said that, I had this horrifying idea that this professor might be a yeast geneticist (luckily he wasn't. I checked after class). And I have done similar things, like told my biostatics professor that statistics was the ugly sibling of mathematics that everyone pretended they weren't related to because it is so gross and ugly. I really dislike statistics. Still probably not the best idea, though.

And then Friday night, I lost my keys. All of them. My car keys, my apartment key, my lab key. So I can't get into my apartment (my roommate let me in Friday night). I've been hanging out here since then. Because if I leave, I won't be able to get back in.  (In a cruel twist, I both will not be able to lock the door and will not be able to get into the building, because the door to the complex locks automatically, which probably is fairly common in apartments, admittedly, but I have never really lived in one before so I was unsure.)

And all the lost and founds seem to be closed on weekends, which makes sense, I guess. Because it is the weekend. They were open at my undergrad institute, though.

Blargh. I haven't lost keys in ages. (Well, at least not all at once. I did lose just my lab key somehow last semester, which was quite unfortunate. And unusual, since it was just one key. And I managed to not lose all the other keys that were attached.)


Saturday, I was determined to avoid any mishaps. I would not leave the apartment. (Also, I didn't have any keys.) I was sad and overwhelmed for various reasons so I went and sat in my closet. Because small dark places make me feel safe. And then I closed the door...

Usually it opens from the inside. But the door got stuck today.

And that is how I got locked in my closet for over an hour. Yes, I am apparently someone who manages to get locked in a closet. A non-locking closet. It must be payback for all those times I locked my youngest sister inside a closet. (Yes, sometimes I was a horrible older sister.) (But I was also little, so I wasn't particularly unsupervised, so my mother would usually catch on pretty quickly and make us let her out.)

It is very boring inside my closet. And the closet is very small. There is not much to do in a closet. I played the flute for a little bit, but there wasn't any sheet music in there and all I really know how to play without music is the Jeopardy waiting song, which can get old when you are stuck in a small space. I am glad I do not get stuck often inside small rooms. It is not ideal.

(There was so much to do inside the closet I locked my sister in! There was dress-up! And games! All the games were stored there. And it was big! And I would bring her food! And sometimes I would lock her friends in there, too... we were playing prisoners. And it was never for an extended period of time.)

Eventually, my roommate got home and I yelled and she rescued me.

Today it is Sunday.

I will not get stuck in my closet.

Tomorrow I will have to go to the pharmacy. But not until tomorrow. Today I can stay at home. Out of my closet, because I am not going to get stuck in there again. Because that is awful.

Instead, I am going to read some papers for class tomorrow. I will probably watch Scrubs on Netflix. And Arthur. Boyfriend is going to call later today when he gets back from his trip. I will eat food. I made rice pudding last night so I can eat that. Maybe I will make cookies.

I will probably not go to Mass even though I should but it is snowing and cold outside, and I don't have keys. I will go on Wednesday this week, though.


Ugh. I've just been generally overwhelmed by life right now. The days are getting longer and the sun is up more, but that doesn't seem to help.

Also my computer is dying, and all the Apple stores are far away. So that's another thing I don't want to deal with, but probably will have to soon.


Anyway, that's all for now.

Enjoy the stories about time machines and being locked in closets.

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