I went to the aquarium! To the AQUARIUM! There are so many fish at the aquarium. It was my birthday present. A visit to the aquarium. All the fish. THE BEST PRESENT EVER!

There were so many fish. Everywhere! All the time.
We saw all the fish. And a giant anaconda. And so many pretty colored poison dart frogs. And then there were big frogs and salamanders. And a bit of a kelp exhibit to remind me of home. And there were whales, and they were so excited. They kept jumping and talking and saying hello. The dolphins were swimming around and upside-down and darting up and down. There were otters and they were somersaulting! It was adorable! And there were signs and words and reading all over. But we saw everything. We read every sign. Because that is how we do aquariums (or museums). Thoroughly. (Admittedly, some museums are so big that you can't see the whole thing in one day, but you can take it section-by-section.)

There were lampreys which are barely vertebrates, phylogenetically. They are jawless, but still vertebrates. Moray eels! With their double sets of jaws. Electric eels, which are always cool. There was a sign about GFP by the jellyfish! I love GFP! It makes science so much much much easier and prettier.

See! GFP! (Although actually this picture is a really
 bad picture data-wise and I think the colors are all weird
 and this was me learning how to use imageJ
... and not completely succeeding with it) Oh undergrad.
Admittedly... the aquarium was loud. My voice got tired. So by the end, it was mostly me pointing and jumping and acting out the fish that I wanted to show boyfriend. I need to work on my sign because all I really remember is fish and big/little. Or at least for the ones related to the aquarium.

A bit overwhelmed at the end. (It was loud there, because there were a lot of small children, and they are loud.) But we took quiet breaks and snack breaks and then went to an early dinner, where we had some of the most amazing food ever. And boyfriend talked to me on the way back on the train, and talked to all the train people, while I just signed yes or no in response to him. Or napped. Napping is also good.

This morning, I was talking to him and he told me how autistic and cute I was in the aquarium. Flapping around and jumping and pointing and happy. My happy is very noticeable. It is certainly not hide-able. When I am happy, it is strong and bright and obvious and wonderful. I had forgotten the all-consuming, bubbling flavor and feel of happiness.

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