Autisticook's Awesome Stimming List!!!!

Hi everyone!

Look at this awesome project that autisticook started. It's a giant monster list of stimming. If you've ever thought you couldn't be autistic because you didn't stim (because I definitely did), look at this! Or if you've ever thought your stimming was weird and you were embarrassed. Or if you ever thought you were the only one ever who did something, and it made you feel lonely.


(link goes to results of survey)

So many things are stims! It is awesome and incredible!

(And it's also a list. And lists are amazing.)

And we want it to become even more amazing and larger and larger and larger. 

So friends, enter your stims here!

Join our stimming checklist!

Make it even better!

P.S. Sorry about the ugly formatting/the survey going outside of the text-box area. It's rather ugly, but I don't know how to fix it/it isn't high on my list of priorities since it is only a one-post issue and not a recurring thing, and soon will be hidden as I post more and more things.

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