Point, Counterpoint, Actual Point

So Nattily at Notes on Crazy is doing this Point, Counterpoint, Actual Point series, which I think is a great idea. And I have had all these little thoughts sneaking at me telling me that I am lying about actually being autistic and all these things that point against it. And I've been making up this list of ideas and thoughts and reasons for a long time and wasn't really sure what to do with it, but this seemed like a wonderful format. So I thought this would be a good idea. So here is my contribution.


I am autistic.


I can't be autistic because...
Actual point:

I have a habit of overgeneralizing. I read all these lovely people (there's a whole list of them on the sidebar). And then if I see general trends, of anything, things people all seem to do that I don't, or things that I do that they don't, or hobbies or activities, I tend to worry.

And any time I perceive that anything I do is different, I feel a desperate need to justify it completely to everyone else around.

And it's silly.

It's something I shouldn't do. (Because it makes me stressed and sad.)

There is nothing about being autistic that says I have to love videogames. There is nothing about being autistic that says I have to hate holidays.

And things like these are almost always little things.

Little, tiny, specific things that don't matter much.

So I should stop worrying and just be.

(but it's hard)

Sometimes I just need a friendly reminder to myself about this.

That it is ok to be different.

I've spent so much time worrying and trying so hard to fit in to a world that I don't fit in to, that now that I think I may have found one, the old habits still kick in. Everyone else does x, so I should too. Or at least pretend. Normal people do x. Normal autistic people do y.

I can be different from the internet autistic people, and still be autistic. I can be different from the meet-in-person autistic people, and still be autistic. And I can certainly be different from stereotypes of autistic people and still be autistic. Because I am different. That's why I am a different person than they are.

Conclusion: I am autistic, and that is ok. (Actually, that's awesome.)

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